Storage Room Renovation

Renovation Area: Storage/Closet

Closet or a wardrobe is one of the important parts of every household. Imagine where will we store all our favorite clothes, shoes and accessories without the closet? A closet is a closed space that is usually fitted into the walls and is used to store clothes. You can design your closet or wardrobe as per your choice, the space available in the house and space you need to fit your essentials. There are many different types of closets, a few listed as below.

Types or Closets and Wardrobes:

1) Walk-in closets: Every girl’s dream, isn’t it? And we can help to bring it to reality. Small or big, a walk-in closet is a separate room in itself. You can store your clothes, bags, shoes, and accessories in the walk-in closets, and not just store but flaunt it too. Walk-in closets are often fitted in the bedrooms; you can make it more accessible by sorting clothes by colors, types and seasons.

2) Wardrobe or Armoires: It is the most common type of storage used for clothes in every household. Often people use the term Wardrobe or closet interchangeably, but there is a difference that the closet is fitted while the wardrobe can be store brought and modified to suit your necessities. The topmost benefit of having a wardrobe it that you can move it anywhere, it is best for people who do not have enough space for a closet.

3) Pantry, Kitchen, Linen closets: You need the storage place for your kitchen equipment, grocery, putting your beddings and other essential things too. The pantry, kitchen and other closets can help you to store these articles easily. If you are not sure which one is the best suitable option, let our expert team help you.

Secret Tips from our experts:

Storing your clothes and other household things is a huge task. Clutter can make houses look super messy, making even routine work difficult. Our team can help you to sort all this mess by providing expert guidance on renovations and storage. Below are some secret tips that our experts suggest.

1) Hang clothes in a vertical manner: Utilize your tall wardrobes by hanging the clothes vertically with the help of S chip or cheap metal chains.

2) Special hangers for accessories: Everyday accessories can mess up your wardrobe if not sorted properly, our experts recommend using special hangers to put everyday accessories.

3) Use pegs: This is the best tip if you want to organize your bottoms and tops on a single hanger. Use pegs to clip your skirts and trousers on the bottom of the hanger so a single hanger can hold a complete outfit.

4) Use outside of the closet or wardrobe: Use every bit of space, put up hooks and rods on the outer side of your closet, wardrobe or doors to hang coats, jackets, bags, scarf’s, things that usually end up on the floor and add up to mess.

Organizing your household stuff can be very stressful, but with our team can help you to identify best storage choices, utilize the space in the best possible way so you can have a clutter-free home.