Air Conditional Service

Air Conditional Service

Even if you have the best and the most expensive air conditioner in the world you would still need to maintain it to ensure that it still stays the best. Air conditioner maintenance is something that most people ignore and this is also one of the major reasons that lead to large air con repair bills. When you get the air conditional installation done make sure that you also learn from the technicians about the requisites to keep the appliance running in its best condition. Regular cleaning and maintenance routines are easy to follow and doing this would also ensure that your air conditioner’s energy efficiency stays good.

Clean the appliance on a regular basis

Before the step of seeking professional help comes the process of regular cleaning. Be careful when you reach the louvers and avoid adjusting them manually while cleaning. There are few such things to be cautious about. Otherwise, the cleaning process is simple and quick.

Seek professional help

The external portion on your air conditioner is something that you can easily clean. But what about the filters? These are the spots that trap the maximum dust and these are the parts that have the most critical role to play. This is where we come in. Here are a few maintenance routines that we help with to ensure that your air conditioner is in its optimal condition –

  • Checking the refrigerant levels and checking for any leaks
  • Ensuring that there are no leakage issues in the ducts
  • Motor health checks
  • Checking the thermostat condition

Even for the air conditioners that are not giving any troubles getting professional diagnostic and maintenance checks done is crucial. By doing these deep checks and paying attention to every little detail we help you avoid those dreaded air conditioner repair bills.

Maintaining a central air conditioner

  • Keep the outdoor unit well ventilated and avoid crowding the area nearby.
  • Manually closing the registers fully so as to adjust cooling is something that you should avoid
  • Filter cleaning and replacement should be done on a regular basis
  • Ensure that the outdoor unit is free from plant growth on the unit and accumulation of dust

Get in touch with us to help schedule a visit to inspect and help you better maintain your central air conditioner unit.

Get to know the expenses involved

Before buying an air conditioner make sure that you choose the most suitable type for the type of home, the size of the rooms and the type of cooling and heating solution you need. Air conditioners call for additional expenses besides the actual money spent on the purchase of the appliance itself. The below are the approximate costs and the actual cost varies based on the size of the house and other factors.

Air conditioner installation may cost something between $345 to $1190 for window units, $2650 to $15000 for the central air conditioner.

Air conditioner repairs- most of the repairs even the basic ones might cost you around $225

Air conditioner maintenance- $70 to $100 for annual maintenance

After having spent nearly thousands of dollars for the installation, if you look at the annual maintenance costs, they are less than half of the repair costs. So choosing regular maintenance helps you avoid the repair costs.