Bathroom Renovation

Renovation Area: Bathroom

No matter what the basic bathroom design is there are so many little things you can do to drastically impact its appearance. There are plenty of small changes that can bring about a new life to your bathroom. We bring you some of the simplest ideas that can help you ace a bathroom renovation project like a pro.

Work on getting the bathroom design right

Location of the shower is one of the first design aspects to get right when you design the bathroom. A bathtub is great if you have a spacious bathroom. Also make sure that you place an absorbent bathmat, preferably a runner that runs the full length of the tub to make sure that the rest of the bathroom doesn’t get wet. If you have a small bathroom getting a walk-in shower is a space-saving option.

Few quick changes that can have a huge impact

  • Replace your sink with a corner sink. This often allows you to keep the walking space free and in most bathrooms, the corner spaces are often left unused.
  • Getting an under-the-sink cabinet might be a clichéd suggestion but it works every time. You have a place to stash all your cleaning supplies out of sight. You can even find a spot inside this for your trash can.
  • Install a shower curtain to provide the necessary isolation. This would also make the bathroom look bigger.

Furnishing done right

Choosing the colors for your bathroom is one of the most important steps. Most homeowners simply stick with neutral colors. If you cannot replace the tiles and take up an expensive remodeling project simply work on changing the color of the bathroom cabinet. Or add a few colorful wall shelves or even choose a bright and cheerful shower curtain.

The other major area where you can add colors while also keeping your bathroom absolutely dry is the bathmat. Choose in good quality bathmats that easily wick away moisture. Also, choose the ones that are quick to dry.

Keep your shower curtains clean and dry. Deep cleaning them regularly prevents the formation of mildew in the bathroom.

Work on getting the ventilation right inside the bathroom. An exhaust fan can be of great help.

Experiment with the styles of shelves and storage solutions you install inside the bathroom. After all, every morning if you wake up to a happy looking bathroom it can be a good start to your day. Find interesting pieces of storage racks or even repurpose old items. You can use an old ladder for towel display. If you have an old metal or wood crate lying around, install it on the wall for an open shelf for the bathroom linen organization. All these would make your bathroom look good and also keep everything inside the bathroom neatly organized. Finally, show your bathroom some love by placing a few indoor plants. There are several humidity loving plants that thrive in low light conditions. Tiny bathroom plants in eclectic planters can add life even to the dullest looking bathroom.