House Flooring

Why Do You Need House Flooring?

Walk into your house and what do you see? The walls of course, but you feel the floor first. Do they feel uneven and rough? Have you had trouble getting rid of some stubborn stains that now you are not sure if it is a stain or the design on the floor?

Change those floors and get some relief for years to come. We here at Home Renovations recommend changing your floor when you are ready to do some major home renovations and have a substantial amount set aside for the home makeover.

Yes, changing your floors is a major work that will most probably require you to not use parts of the house that is being renovated but it is definitely smaller than renovating or remodeling the entire house itself.

Choose Right

There is a number of options to choose from when you decide to change the flooring. You can choose between natural stones like marbles or granites or go in for the more common and cost-effective options like vinyl, ceramic tiles, laminate or even wooden flooring.

  • When you are ready for some exclusive flooring that is not only expensive but time-consuming too, you can opt for natural marble. Though engineered marbles are almost the same today, natural stone has its own elegance and shine. Laying this floor is very time consuming and required a number of polishes before you would be allowed to walk on it. A lot of care and effort should be taken for maintaining it too.
  • Granite, though a natural stone, does not require so many polishes but is more brittle and easily breakable. This means a lot of care goes in while laying it. One will require nothing but the best professionals for this type of flooring.
  • When you want the job to be done quickly and the maintenance to be easy, you can opt for tiles and vinyl flooring. They are available in a variety of designs, sizes, patterns, and prints. They can be laid in no time and takes just a day or two before you resume your activity in that area. The maintenance is easy too. Also, in the future, if you want to replace a tile, you can replace just that one or a couple of tikes around, without disturbing the rest of the floor.
  • Wooden flooring adds class and elegance to the room. Though it is easy to lay and is pocket-friendly, one must safeguard it from excessive moisture for it to last long. Woods of different varieties, shades, patterns, etc can be chosen to make your room look rich and unique in no time.

The flooring you choose can make or break the image of your entire home. We are well experienced and qualified in this field to offer you enough insight into this venue, to help you make the right choice.

We can not only offer you flooring options but put you up with suitable vendors to satiate your need, professionally qualified floor layers for a neat and perfect job and enough knowledge to answer all your questions.

Whether you have a specific look or budget in mind, just let us know and we can work through it in no time.