Shade Installation

Shade Installation

Most of the homeowners find choosing the window treatments to be the most exciting part of home decoration or renovation. So to make this experience even more fun and effective we bring to you the best of window treatments for all the windows around the house.

What are the types of blinds and other window treatments we offer?

While the list is pretty long here are a few that our customers commonly choose for their homes –

1. Window blinds

When it comes to light control window blinds are the most convenient options. The slats can either be shut tight for full light blocking or slightly adjusted for partial light and privacy or fully pulled up to let the light in completely. Here are the most popular types of blinds that we cater to –

  1. Roller blinds or roller shades are suitable for all types of rooms and all types of windows. It can also be great for skylights.
  2. Venetian blinds- this is one of the most common types of blinds for places where maintaining privacy is key. The metal louvers can easily be adjusted to different angles based on the lighting and privacy requirements.
  3. Vertical blinds- while most other types of window blinds have horizontal louvers this one comes with vertical louvers. If you have a bay window or a floor to roof window that needs blinds then this one works pretty well.
  4. Wooden blinds- if you are looking to add a rustic charm to your room, look no further. Wood blinds can blend in with any type of interior themes and when you would like to upgrade them a coat of paint is all it takes.

2. Window shades

Though shades and blinds work more or less similarly. The difference here is that with blinds, you get separate slats that can be adjusted but in the case of shades, they are often made of fabric that can be rolled fully or partially as with Roman shades for example. If you are looking for blackout options then suitable opaque fabric choices available as well.  

3. Window curtains

Finally, one of the simplest options to add a pop of color to your room is to add curtains. If you do not wish to choose shade installation then we can also help you choose the perfect curtain rods for your windows. These are easy to maintain and when you get bored of your curtains you simply remove them and replace them. You can also choose a combination of solids and sheers for a soft magical effect.

How do we help you choose the window treatment for your home?

Depending on the window size, the location of the window, the amount of sunlight that falls, the privacy required and similar such features you would be choosing a suitable window treatment option. Get in touch with our team to get the best advice on the various advantages and limitations of each type of window treatments. Once you have weighed the pros and cons you could share the pictures of the windows being treated if you would like design suggestions as well. We also deliver to you the quickest installation process and the best quality products.