Leakage & Waterproofing

Leakage Issues & Waterproofing Need

Do you see an ugly patch of water stain on your wall? Yes, you can paint over it and it will be gone, but is that good enough?

When there is a water stain on your wall, the problem is a little deeper than what a coating paint can cover. Waterproofing is what you need to put an end to those ugly water stains for good.

Identify The Problem

Identifying a leakage in the house you are living in is not an easy task. All taps are being used, all bathrooms get wet, the weather is to be considered, etc.

  • Weather

When it is raining and there is a water stain on your wall, you will have to wait it out till the weather clears up and the sun comes out. If the water stain stops or clears out once the sun starts shining and the rain stops, you can be certain it is the rain that caused it. However, you will still have to find out where that seepage is starting from.

  • Cracked Pipes

On the other hand, it is not the rain and you are enjoying a clear weather but that ugly stain doesn’t seem to leave, you have a leakage in the house. It could be as small as a crack in a pipe or a gap in the bathroom flooring. Identifying this is a little more complicated than one can imagine and calls for a professional.

  • Stagnant Water

When a floor surface is always wet or water does not drain well around that area, water can weaken the joints in the wall and floor and start seeping through it. Over a period of time, it will carve away for it and find an outlet as a water leak on some wall or even drip through your ceiling. Look out for such stagnant or wet areas and start tracing from there, you may even notice a water trail that finally leads to that ugly patch on the wall or the wet roof.

Why A Professional

Why should you spend on a professional contractor when you can get a local plumber to do it much cheaper?

  • A professional is well trained to look for other possible causes for the leakage than to go with the most obvious choice. Water can seep through the tiniest crack and it always helps to check the surrounding areas than to just assume the obvious and treat it.
  • He is well experienced with different leaks and knows what type of work needs to be done to get it fixed at the earliest. Right from techniques to materials, he definitely knows more than a local plumber.
  • He has the right man to do the right job in the right manner. This reduces your stress and unnecessary expenses due to repetitive works can be avoided.
  • If water is leaking through a ceiling, you may have to redo the ceiling itself or at least a part of it to find the water path and fix it. This is some serious work that needs a professional’s approval.

Let our professional waterproofing contractor take a good look at that leak and we will be able to fix that problem in no time. Our people are well-equipped knowledge and experience wise to do just that!