Bedroom Renovation

Renovation Area: bedroom

When it comes to personalizing the way your house looks and feels there are dramatic things you can do expensive ones, or some tiny little changes with a huge impact. Take the bedroom for example. The time you spend in your bedroom might be less than the time you spend in the rest of the house. But after a long and tiring day when you retire to your bedroom, you would definitely need a space that offers you privacy, warmth and a comfort that makes it easy to fall asleep. This way you would wake up feeling refreshed every single morning.

A design style you can relate to

If you are redoing the bedroom altogether or designing it from scratch choose a bedroom design idea that matches your tastes. Some prefer choosing vintage style elegant bedroom designs, while some prefer keeping it modern and minimalistic. The furniture you choose and the window treatments can all be used to create this effect.

Wall colors cannot be ignored

Picking your favourite colors might be an easy way to do it. But the color psychology reveals that prolonged exposures to different colors can affect your moods in different ways. Avoid stimulating colors or those that can make you feel stressed. Choose calming colors. If you do not want to touch the walls, you can begin by adding colors to the bedsheets, and other bed linen, carpets, curtains or shades. But to complement them you would have to add a pop of colors to your walls for a stronger influence. Mix and match colors that can balance each other.

Furniture choices

Think twice before you add any furniture for your bedroom. A comfortable bed and a nightstand are all that a bedroom often needs. You can also throw a few wall shelves if you have some curious or memoirs to display. Other than that, keep the floor space free. An open closet can be convenient but it is also essential that you always maintain it neatly. A closed closet, on the other hand, can keep all the mess out of sight. Creating a good space, a partition between the sleeping area and your closet can make the bedroom look roomier. You can also invest in room dividers if required. For the furniture styles, you can choose bedroom furniture sets which can make the bedroom renovation process simpler.

Decorating your bedroom

Often when it comes to decoration you might think about table décor and wall décor. But besides the accents meant for decoration you can also play with lights. Choosing chic lights that blend with the style of your bedroom can have a very good impact on the appearance of the bedroom. Lights could be either floor lamps or bedside lamps or even ceiling lamps and pendant lights.

The other major décor element that every bedroom needs is some indoor plants. There are plants that are known to release oxygen at night and there are those that adjust the humidity in a room. All of these plants can also promote a healthy sleep beside making your bedroom look like a comfortable haven for sleeping.