House Renovation Cost

House Renovation Cost

Renovating your house? Money on your mind? Don’t let money hinder your dream of having the perfect house. Yes renovating your house can be an expensive affair if not planned and executed properly. We at Home Renovations can help you renovate your house within your budget.

Estimate Right

Estimation is the approximate cost you can expect to incur when you are renovating your house. Having a figure in mind helps you with budgeting and planning further. The very first step in planning your budget for home renovation is estimating the costs. A small mistake here can ruin the entire process. Here is how you can get a reliable estimate:

  • Decide which areas of the house you want to remodel or renovate. Some people would want to change just one room at a time, while some may want to redo the entire house and have a totally new look to their home.
  • Decide on what all you want to change around the house. This has to include even the smallest of changes as you can never be sure of how much it can cost or extra work it can lead to.
  • Next get a decorator or a contractor to look around the house and tell you what type of changes are required in which parts of the house. This allows you to incorporate what you want with what you ought to do around the house.
  • Break down the cost into material cost, labor cost, execution cost, supervisor cost, etc. This will tell you how much money is going where, so that you can make changes if needed, in case of a budget constraint.
  • Get the estimate written and signed by your contractor to make it official. This will not only tell you how much money might be needed but will also give you a solid proof to fall back on if your contractor quotes more or goes back on his words as work progresses.

Stick To Your Budget

Though you have an estimate, is it always possible to abide y it? Yes, it can be done and we can share our secret with you-

  • Keep referring to the estimate as and when you take decisions or make purchases. This way you can keep track of your spending and ensure you stay within the budget
  • Since you have all the costs broken down into sections, it is easier to identify where you are spending more – whether it is on materials, labor, execution, etc.
  • If you feel your contractor is exceeding the estimate, you have an authentic document in hand to remind him about the costs promised.

Renovation Contractor

To get all your work done on time and within the budget, you need a good renovation contractor.

  • Check for the contractor’s license even if he has been recommended by someone who has just used him or you are close with. Contractors need to renew their licenses and it is always safer to ensure this before starting your work.
  • Get first-hand reviews from people who have used him in the past. This can be done online or through word of mouth. This way you will get reliable information to help you decide whether to go ahead with him or not.
  • Ask for samples of his work to see if it suits your needs and pleases you

Come to us and can provide you with reliable renovation contractors who are well experienced, reputed and can get your work done on time as per the estimates.